Webinar: Environmental Impact of Oil in Water

With an increased drive towards eco-friendly energy sources, a whole new raft of environmental concerns have emerged. But don’t let your guard down! Oil in water is still a major environmental concern that is harming the marine, wild, and agriculture life. These issues can occur in all energy sectors:

  • Hydro-electric power
  • Wind turbine
  • Raw material mining for solar power
  • Power generation

This webinar focuses on the impact of oil in water, the source of the problem, the regulations that resulted from them, and the different monitoring methods that can be used to meet these regulations and protect the environment.  At the end participants will have a comprehensive understanding of the key insights from both industry and environmental groups and an understanding of how they can work together to minimize the impact of oil on the environment.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Sources of oils and how it could be introduced into clean water
  • Insight into the general affect that oil has on the environment that has sparked regulation.
  • An overview on how authorities determine regulations and methods.
  • A summary of various technologies that have enabled the oil & gas industry to meet the regulations.

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