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ARJAY ENGINEERING - Oakville, Ontario, Canada

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ARJAY Engineering Ltd.
2851 Brighton Rd.
Oakville, Ontario L6H 6C9, CANADA

Telephone: +1 (905) 829-2418 (CANADA COUNTRY CODE 1)

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Fax: +1 (905) 829-4701 (CANADA COUNTRY CODE 1)

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Corporate Profile

Arjay Engineering has been designing and manufacturing process and environmental controls for over 30 years.

Our main facility is located in Toronto. Support facilities are located in Vancouver and Beijing. Arjay is also supported by a network of product representatives throughout North America and in various regions of the world.

In addition to our manufactured products, Arjay is able to provide custom design and engineering services and control panel assembly.

We invite your application inquiry. Our core technologies and design flexibility may extend beyond the products listed. The opportunity to address your application ideas with our designs is welcomed.

If your interest includes a joint venture, re-sale, or representative opportunity, please contact us directly.

Arjay manufactures under the following trade names:

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The Level-Ease Monitors
and Controls

The HydroSense
Oil in Water Monitor

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The Arjay and Enmet Series line of Gas Detection Products

For our ambient air gas detection products visit

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